Maybe you are REALLY trying to stick to a healthy eating thing….

So what do you do when you’re cruising across town between soccer practice and gymnastics, and there’s no sign of home for another 3 hours? You know you have to grab food, but without a plan, it is almost inevitable that your health goals will be derailed at the Second Window… once that greasy French fry aroma hits your nasal mucosa, it’s all over.

Does a whole-food-plant-based diet mean you become some strange-o who never eats out?! Maybe, but that’s an individual choice. It’s true that it’s slightly easier to stick to a special diet at home, or even at a sit-down restaurant, where food is made mostly- too-order.

But you can learn to navigate almost any menu once you have some experience as a plant-based ninja (stick with me, kid).

I’m always shocked by fast-food nutrition information.

I think we all know, intuitively, that fast-food is high in calories and fat. But seeing just HOW HIGH, like International Space Station high, right there, in their own nutritional publication, is enough to make your cells cry out for a kale salad.

It’s discouraging to see what we as consumers are facing – multiple items on every major chain’s menus harbor several days’ worth of fat in one bun-busting dose. Even the salads are almost universally served with so much meat, cheese and fat-laden salad dressing, they are sometimes fattier (is that a word?) than the fries. The SALAD is worse than the FRIES. Jeez.

Sure, at most places, you can cobble together a meal that is technically vegan, but is it edible? Does it taste good?

There’s no place like home.

If you want to achieve crazy-good health by filling your body with fiber and phytochemicals (powerful disease-fighting chemicals found only in plants), you can probably find some plain, dry leaves to munch at any drive-thru. Ask for the salad and pick off anything that looks remotely tasty, and there you go.

But if you want that crazy-good health to actually TASTE GREAT, the best place to be is your own kitchen. Studies show that cooking and eating at home leads to health benefits. And truly, if health and weight loss are your goals, eating out at all should be kept to a minimum. It’s too hard to control the portions, salt, fat and sugar when eating out!

Let me let you in on a little secret…

Restaurants and food chains, and the entire food industry,
DO NOT care about your weight, or coronaries, blood sugar, cholesterol,
or your migraines, or back pain, or puffy ankles, or erectile dysfunction,
or anything else about your health.

Unless they can make money caring about your health.

This isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just business. They are in the business of making food TASTE GOOD… so our business, as consumers and owners of our bodies, is to CARE ABOUT OUR CORONARIES, BLOOD SUGAR, AND CHOLESTEROL, and keep demanding better quality, plant-based-low-fat, great- tasting take-out. When they can sell the healthy stuff, they will offer more of it.

So let them know you’d like more healthful choices, by voting with. your. wallet. Restaurants change their offerings based on demand, and positive changes are taking place around us all the time.

Want to know my choices for a few Drive-Off Eats that won’t kill your health goals?

Lady, I’m drivin’! Tell me what to eat!

Have you made any changes to your eat-out habits? Have a favorite healthy drive-off choice?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments.


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