Patient Resources

Dr. Singh recommends the following sites for reliable, evidence based information on living a long, healthy life:

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition MD

Wellness Forum Health

Professional Resources

Are you a health care provider who is interested in Lifestyle Medicine (LM)?  As a LM practitioner, the focus is on getting to the root cause of chronic disease by guiding patients to make meaningful, evidence-based diet and lifestyle changes that treat more than just symptoms.  Most patients who make significant changes are able to eliminate symptoms; many are able to have their medications weaned or discontinued by their primary doctor; and all improve their quality of life.  

Want to join the Lifestyle Medicine movement?  For more information, and CME opportunities, check out the following organizations.  

American College of Lifestyle Medicine

Wellness Forum Health Professional Education

Graduate Certificate in Lifestyle Health – School of Health Professions

Free CME through Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine

Harvard Institute of Lifestyle Medicine