You want direction and personalization for your situation through private phone or online appointments. You have had it with the extra weight, fatigue and more prescriptions. You are ready to fully commit to being the healthiest version of yourself possible.

Experience one-on-one personalized plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine coaching so you can build a plant-based diet and lifestyle to prevent, treat and reverse disease.

How does personalized 1:1 coaching work?

First, an initial Skype or phone consultation (45 minutes) with me. During this Skype call, we will review your health history, discuss your current lifestyle patterns, review eating preferences, set your health goals, and map out a plan that is doable for your food preferences and your situation.

Next, you experience weekly online classes (60 – 90 minutes per class) giving you an incredible foundation of knowledge, skills and motivation to take charge of your own health. You will also attend a live tour through the grocery store, and a Live Cooking Class (included with this program), the popular hands-on experience that will make you a plant-based believer.

MODULE 1: The Plant-based Diet Basics
MODULE 2: Shop till you Chop Grocery Tour
MODULE 3: Cooking Class
MODULE 4: Practical Menu Planning at Home
MODULE 5: Outrun (or walk) Your Medical Problems
MODULE 6: Eating Out & Socializing
MODULE 7: Sleep, Stress and Sickness
MODULE 8: Be an Informed Consumer: Questions you should ask any healthcare provider

PDF Workbook with notes from each lecture, and worksheets for your planning and progress

During the 8-week educational curriculum, AND for 4 additional weeks, (for a total of 12 weeks) we will continue to be close partners on your wellness journey.